What is this resource?

We created this web server to facilitate analysis of limited numbers of mutations by clinicians, researchers and students.  A manuscript has been published describing this resource ( Mucaki, Shirley and Rogan, Human Mutation, DOI: 10.1002/humu.22277. ).  Since individual information analysis is covered by US Patents  (US Ser #5,867,402), guest registrants are requested to provide a valid electronic mail address and institutional affiliation.   Guests are limited to a finite number of analyses for non-commercial purposes, however, the server is freely-accessible without conditions for vetted educational or research projects via execution of a software transfer agreement or licensing through Cytognomix Inc.  Please contact us at Cytognomix to obtain unrestricted access to this website.

We have made an ASSEDA tutorial video where we analyze an example mutation, and makes note of the server's new features and options. The video can be found here.